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Explosive Skill-Based Combat

Each character has over 30 punishing ground and air attacks for you to chain together for insane combos. Master the controls to dodge, block and counter attacks.


Crush your competition in synchronous PvP battles. Your skill and timing are key in this competitive action game.

Your Character. Your style

Play as any of the four main characters throughout the game. Outfit your hero with custom equipment for strategic upgrades. An open-ended progression system lets you build the ultimate character personalized to your play style.

Heroes of the Pact


Aurok, the fighter of Ragnarok. Aurok is a warrior of immense strength and determination. He uses Knuckles and Claws to destroy his enemies in the most straight-forward manner.


Lophi, the Shadow Summoner, and the manipulator of the powers of darkness and void. With her partner, Knot, she creates chaos for her foes by opening portals to summon beings of darkness and the void.


The talented fighter and inventor, Lucas. He mastered the art of machinery and swordsmanship using his wits and his perfect physical build. His style of battle: unexpected attacks with his blade and glove.


Thera, the magic-using hero, and commander of Minova. Her strength is fueled by her rage against her adversaries as she uses her spear to clear her path.