Strategies of Playing ChronoBlade (PvE)


ChronoBlade is a side-scrolling RPG brawler featuring explosive arcade-style combat and real-time synchronous player-versus-player action.. ChronoBlade is unique in a sense that it provides the user that arcade-style feel, demonstrating a skill-based combo system for players to learn and master. The object of PvE is to complete each stage as fast as possible, and earn 3 star completions, awarding you the best possible loot. Discover and collect the right kind of loot to upgrade your character equipments, helping you progress in the game.

Chronoblade focuses on 4 main characters: Aurok, Lophi, Lucas and Thera.

In this dev blog we’ll be covering each characters strengths, their weaknesses and most importantly which strategies to take when selecting the character. We’ll also include a few secrets that you might find useful in your journey!

Character Breakdown


  • Strengths:
    • Strong close range skills
    • Powerful single target skills
  • Weaknesses:
    • Slow attacks
  • Clearing strategies:
    • Focus on gathering enemies into a small area and hit them with Permafrost to freeze them, then punch them to death!
  • Secrets:
    • Double tap Jump and tap Strong Attack to unleash a belly flop and embarrass your foes


  • Strengths:
    • Fast, sweeping attacks
    • Damage over time
  • Weaknesses:
    • Some skills require more technical effort to make good use of
  • Secrets:
    • Use Umbral Ground to pull enemies into the blast radius of your bomb skills
  • Clearing strategies:
    • Explosive Jaunt is tricky to laud, but the payoff is worth it – repeatedly tap Light Attacks on the way down to deal extra damage!


  • Strengths:
    • Powerful ranged attacks
    • Great mobility
  • Weaknesses:
    • His attacks move him around a lot, making it more challenging to group enemies for AoE attacks
  • Secrets:
    • Aerial Barrage stuns anything caught in his large radius, use it to stop a foe from chasing you
  • Clearing strategies:
    • Use Gentleman’s Gust to push enemies back and keep them lined up for your onslaught


  • Strengths:
    • Long reach attacks
    • Battlefield control skills
  • Weaknesses:
    • Her long, stylish attack animations leave her vulnerable
  • Secrets:
    • Use Bull’s Leap to escape from a dangerous situation and reverse the tide of the battle
  • Clearing strategies:
    • Stack the enemies up in front of you and pierce through them with Charged Spear, stunning them in the process!

We hope you enjoyed the latest edition of ChronoBlogs!

Good luck and put your trust in The Pact!


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