ChronoBlade Update 1.3.0


Major Update!

The nWay Team is happy to announce our latest major game update is nearly ready and will be available very soon! Maintenance will begin on 5/2 at 12:00 AM PST.

New and Updated Equipment!

We wanted players to have more interesting options and choices for builds, so we overhauled the Equipment system.

  • Additional Equipment sets have been added for all Heroes!
  • New Equipment tiers have been added
  • Rebalanced the existing Equipment with new Stats
  • A Collections feature has been added to the Manage screen so you can preview all the Equipment!

New Stats!

To give players more options for Equipment loadouts, we added new Stat options to the Equipment.

  • Move speed
  • Attack speed
  • Cooldown reduction
  • And more…

Item and Loot Changes

As part of our efforts to improve the game, we wanted to give players more ways to acquire Equipment Shards and reduce the types of items needed to upgrade Equipment.

  • Now you can acquire Equipment Shards in Normal difficulty zones!
  • Equipment Shards now drop for the specific Hero chosen to play the zone
  • The Material upgrade items have been simplified to make upgrading Stats easier
  • Reduced Shard requirements for Promoting Equipment
  • Limited Dungeons now drop Equipment Shards!
  • Each Limited Dungeon drops specific slots of Equipment Shards
  • Need a weapon? There’s a Limited Dungeon for that!

Other Improvements

  • A new user 7 day reward calendar has been added, and existing users get it too!
  • Faster Energy refill speed
  • Improved early game progression
  • General economy tuning to account for new Equipment
  • Miscellaneous user interface improvements

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